Saturday, May 30, 2009

Music Notes of Life

You may notice the new gadget I have added over there on the left side of the page. My brand new weight loss ticker with the cute little heart on it. As a result of many doctors appointments this month, I am feeling very content with where I am health wise right now, and full of much hope for the future. I also have a few goals for myself in the next twelve months. Things that will add to my learning to take care of myself and putting my health first.

One of my goals is weight loss. This has been a long term goal for me since the birth of the twins, however due to many circumstances out of my control (Heart failure, arrhythmia's meaning exercise was not allowed, PCOS and worsening Insulin resistance) it's not really been top of my priority list. When it did become something I could work on, I quickly learnt that this too was not in my control. With so many things working against me, it has been a long hard struggle to try and lose, and then just try to maintain my weight so I wouldn't put on more. I have just realised it needn't be this way. It doesn't need to be a struggle. When I am doing everything the right way, and my health is so poor my body is not in the right place to co-operate. What more can I do than my best?

I have finally seen all my specialists in one month, so there was no need to double check things between each other and make more appointments for three months time. I was the go between, taking comprehensive notes of blood tests and questions for each specialist to each appointment. I now have very comprehensive treatment and follow up plans. I have been given many options, which I won't go into. I really wish to share what I have chosen to focus on right now, and not what may or may not ever need to be done. Of course, I will share those if they ever become a necessity.

With Insulin resistance, the body has difficulty processing glucose. It tends to store everything as fat. With Cardiomyopathy the heart is weakened and can't pump as efficiently causing fluid build up. With uncontrolled arrhythmia's it is dangerous to exercise. With a mysterious autoimmune condition going on, it is difficult to find the energy to fight for what you need from your doctors. This month I knew I had to. It was my chance to see all six specialists and get a good plan going on.

So, the endocrinologist (Looking at my PCOS and how to treat it) is increasing my Metformin, a drug typically used in diabetics but proven to be very effective in treating Insulin resistance and PCOS. Hopefully this first step is going to aid my body to get back into order heal it's self. My Cardiologist has increased my beta Blocker even further and it's working! Decrease in arrhythmia's, decrease in tachycardia and a resting heart rate of 75bpm!! Actually, the other night I woke up and said to Craig that I thought I was dying as I couldn't feel my heart thumping away. He very calmly helped me find my pulse, and explained it was normal not to be aware of your heart rate! Wow, I'm loving it!

As a result I have clearance to exercise! At this point in time absolutely NO running, really the only thing which is OK is walking. So I'm starting off on my parents treadmill at a very slow flat speed for 15 minutes each day. Over time I'll build up intensity and length of time, with the hopes of reconditioning my heart after all it's been through.

And it's been through a lot. So I'm working on taking care of it. I'm working on helping my body to heal itself. I mean, I've come through Heart Failure. I have every confidence the rest will take care of itself too. Provided I continue to do everything I can to support it. So I'm hoping my body is going to thrive with all these changes to help it function well and I'll be able to move my ticker along until sometime in the next twelve months I meet my first goal. Looking forward to sharing this new part of the musical notes of my life with you all!

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  1. OMG Carla, I'm so excited for you! It's fantastic that your meds are working. I just can't imagine having to be aware of my heart beating and being worried when you can't feel it.
    That's fantastic that you are able to exercise and work on something that has been troubling you for so long.
    Good luck and keep me posted :)