Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm a little mean

UPDATE; The appointment yesterday did not, unfortunately, inspire much confidence in me. Asides from the fact he reviewed my blood tests, declared them ok, and then looked again and said "Hmmm, except the ones in red. Those are quite abnormal. Interesting..." He seemed to be completely out of his depth in what all my medications were for, and thought it would be good to come off them all and see what symptoms I had left that may be able to explain the abnormal blood tests. Reminds me of an episode of Good idea, Bad idea....

May is my month of specialist visits and follow-ups. Beginning yesterday with my Cardiologist, whom has increased my dose of Beta Blocker (Which works to slow the heart rate and relax blood vessels) to the maximum to try and get my arrythmias (rapid and uneven heart beat) under control. Today I see my General Specialist. He's the poor guy that got given my case after three other specialists couldn't figure it out and kept referring. I feel quite sorry for him.

I also feel a little mean. I think he thought he'd figured it out. I'm quite sure he expected me to come back in and tell him I was feeling much better, and my bloods would be back to normal. Unfortunately my latest bloods to check inflammation in my body are even higher, and I've been getting severe muscle aches even more often. Now I'm the one that will find it interesting as to what he has to suggest. Probably a different specialist since my body isn't cooperating.

Then I have my gynae follow-up to see if the giant cyst needs sugical removal. Tricky stuff with my heart condition and arrythmias. The onto the Endo to talk PCOS and pre-diabetes. Much fun.

But maybe, May will be the month I learn so much more. May might be the month my arrythmias come under control. I certainly am hoping for it!

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