Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stories and a Party

I love the conversations I get to have with my baby boys now that they are older and have become quite adept at stringing a sentence together. This morning for example, Baby A came into my room and asked to tell me a story. I quickly agreed and we sat down together on the bed. Baby A proceeded to tell me a story of Lightning McQueen, Thomas the Tank engine and Percy. Suddenly he stopped and turned to me.

Baby A: “Wind!” He proclaimed. I sat and looked at him a little perplexed confused. “Wind!” he said again, emphatically. So I blew on his face, figuring he was asking me to pretend to be wind.

Baby A: “No Mummy, not wind, WIND!”

By this point, he was beginning to get quite frustrated, and realized he needed to spell it out to me.

Baby A; “It’s the end of the story, so it’s wind!”

Me; “Oh, it’s the end.”

Baby A nodded, finally smiling his big gorgeous smile.

Me; “You know honey that is two words. The and end.”

Baby A; “I know. Theanend.”

Our family has been looking forward to this weekend as we were attending a beautiful little girl’s surprise party. I had tried to be helpful in the organizing of this event, but in the few days before hand realized if I was going to make the piñata I really should have started paper mache-ing a long time ago. So the piñata had to be purchased. Instead I went for a treasure map, so all the kids got to hunt together for the hidden treasure. I managed to remember to burn around the edges of the map, but next time I’ll use tea bags to discolour it so it looks like a really old map. And I won’t tie the exact same kind of ribbon in my hair that is wrapped around the map. Kind of gives it away.

So we all had a great time, except Baby B got a little sick and needed to go home early with his Dad. He was quite disappointed as he had been waiting for today all week. We bought him home a lute bag and lollies so he wasn’t left out. I got to bring home the newspaper so I wasn’t left out either ;)

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