Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How I know...

This is how I know my darling husband was the one to go grab our grocery basics this morning;

1. I went to look for some milk and the fridge contained two big bottles of Coke. No milk.
2. My twins had cupcakes to take with them for lunch at their caregivers.
3. My twins had chocolate bars taken off them they insisted were for lunch at their caregivers.

But most importantly I know because my husband ended up running late for work. To make sure I didn't have to get up and rush down to the shops before the boys set out for the day. Because I got a magazine, and I never buy them for myself even though I want to.

The amount of love put into getting those two big bottles of coke? Well, I can go without milk for a day. Thank you my sweet husband.

1 comment:

  1. Aw. :) Good for you for appreciating his efforts rather than criticizing his failings. I sometimes have to stop and remind myself to be grateful because my husband does so incredibly much for me/us and so what if he's not perfect? It's not like I'm perfect either! (Although I'm sure moms never forget the darn milk! :)