Monday, May 18, 2009

I really love my computer

Really. I do. There's just so much one can do on the computer. It's kinda like all the different things one can do with shrimp....

Like for example, if you have internet and preferably broadband one could watch online episodes of their favourite programs. This would mean someone in say New Zealand could keep up to date with American shows and not find out season finale details from American friends on FaceBook, or while watching E!. One could then find out the names of songs they like when all they can remember is one line, and then download that song from iTunes.

Online you can shop, chat, research, keep in touch with people over the other side of the world.

One could also be drafting a novel on said computer.

One could become so obsessed with their computer no one else is allowed to touch it. And that same person begins to refer to themselves as 'one'.


Maybe time to log off? Perhaps. Except the computer is a chronically ill girl's best friend. You know, apart from actual people.

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