Sunday, May 10, 2009

Silly game; Carla needs

This is a game I've seen a few of my facebook friends play in their notes section. Since I'm enjoying a nice, quiet, peaceful mother's day I thought I'd do something that didn't require too much any energy today.

Simply I googled Carla Needs, and these are the first 10 answers I got:

1. Carla needs to call Dan and they need to team up (No conspiracies going on here Michelle, I promise!)
2. Carla needs good governance
3. Carla needs to pee (Diuretics do tend to do that too ya...)
4. Carla needs to use her own toilet (What's with all the bathroom stuff?)
5. Carla needs bread to feed her animals (They actually prefer biscats)
6. Carla needs your support! (that's always appreciated ;) )
7. Carla needs cuddles (Also appreciated )
8. Carla needs help with barking
9. Carla needs to feel a job is really hers
10. Carla needs a change...


  1. Haha, no worries Carla, you can team up with Dan if you need to, I trust you :)

    I did it and the second one on my list is:
    'Michelle needs to keep her legs closed' - that's hysterical!

  2. That is hilarious! Much better than what I got. (Apart from the Dan one, which I thought was pretty coincidental) ;)

  3. my name is carla too,(AKA: paula) how did you get this list