Saturday, May 9, 2009

For my Mum, for Mother's day


Where do I begin to thank you for all you have been and done? Lovingly nursing me through my many childhood illnesses, seeing me through fights with my friends. Through both the ups and downs with my boyfriend whom later became my husband. Helping me hold my marriage together when times got tough. Providing me with such a loving and warm environment in which to grow and learn to be myself. Allowing me to be myself.

And always being someone who would listen. A friend, but even better a Mum. Someone who would set limits and call me out for my bad behaviour. Telling me it was Ok to be sad, angry, upset but also telling me when I needed to start to refocus.

Most of all, for being so strong during the time all parents dread. I know this because when my boys are unwell it breaks my heart. So I know that the fact I have some scary illnesses, some mystery illnesses and some illnesses that will always be with me must be so horrible for you. But you have never made me feel bad or guilty. You have never doubted me, you have always been there holding me up with a ready hug and some kind words.

You willingly take in my twins and cheer them up with cuddles when I have yet another doctor’s appointment. Even when you are so rushed off your feet you really shouldn’t. Even when you are so completely exhausted we both know you should be saying “No.”. You reassure me that I am a great Mum, even though I am ill, even though my boys know more about hospitals and doctors than any three year olds should. It is this among much else that makes you the great Mum. You are leading me by example.

I know Mum, that you would do anything to make me better. I know you spend many nights worrying about my health, my happiness, and if the worst will happen. I hope you understand that because of you Mum I am happy, I am learning to live well with what I have been given (which on the whole, is actually a whole lot of good!) and I can’t promise the worst won’t happen (I’m pretty sure it won’t!) but because of you, my life has been wonderfully blessed.

And not just on this mothers day, but all the year through, I thank my lucky stars that I was given to you.

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  1. What a great post about your mother - will she get to read this? I wanted to thank you for submitting this post to TheBlogFrog's Favorite Mothers Day blog contest. Your post will be linked on our site, along with the other submissions. I hope you and your mom had a wonderful day today!

    Holly Hamann - Founder, TheBlogFrog

  2. Hi Holly,

    Yes my Mum was the first one that read it as soon as I'd published it. I had her on the phone with me and told her to go have a look. I let her decide if it could stay up or if I should make it private. She's a wonderful Mother so I'm proud to share this with others :)