Sunday, May 24, 2009

Prince James

I love to make up stories to tell my boys. Either before they go to bed, or in the morning all tucked up in our bed is our favourite time, and I find both my boys love the stories in which they are the lead characters. Yes, I realise I am using the boy's real names in this. It's much easier in this circumstance and their names are indeed no secret to most reading this. i just like using Baby A and Baby B as it helps me wax nostalgic about back in the day when they were in my tummy and that is how we knew them.

Anyway, onto this morning. James was in bed with me, Benji having woken up at some horribly early hour 5.50am. I asked James if he would like a story, and the following is what I told him. Keep reading to see the story he told me afterwards;

Once upon a time there was a little boy, Prince James. He lived in a castle and his room was right at the top, with a view out to his friends houses. One morning he woke up and looked out the window to see it was a beautiful day. To his surprise he could see his friend Thomas the Tank Engine puffing along the tracks near the castle. Prince James quickly got dressed, walked safely down the big spiral staircase and outside to the Castle's railway station. He got there just as Thomas arrived.

"Would you like to go for a ride?" Thomas asked.

"Yes please!" replied Prince James, very excited. All of a sudden, just as Prince James was about to climb into Thomas, Swiper the fox appeared and swiped all Thomas' coal! Naughty Swiper threw all the coal into the forest, telling Prince James he would never be able to find it now. Thomas was very sad, as now he couldn't take Prince James for a ride. "Don't worry Thomas, I'll find your coal!" Prince James promised bravely.

Prince James set off into the forest. He knew he was only allowed to go as far as the clearing so he hoped he would find the coal quickly. There were four pieces missing. He found the first one by a tree as soon as he entered the forest. He walked a little farther and came across a Monkey in a tree. The Monkey was playing with a piece of coal.

"Hello Monkey, could I please have that piece of coal for my friend Thomas?" Prince James asked.

"You asked so nicely, of course you can." The monkey said, and gave Prince James the piece of coal. Prince James kept walking a little bit farther and found a little mouse, trying to lift up a piece of coal.

"Hello mousie, may I please have that piece of coal for my friend Thomas?" he asked.

"Of course, as you have lovely manners." replied the Mouse.

Prince James set off to find the fourth and last piece of coal. He eventually came across the clearing, where he found his brother Prince Ben. Prince Ben was playing with the last piece of coal!

"Ben, may I please have that piece of coal for my friend Thomas?" Prince James asked nicely.

"NO! My coal!" Prince Ben replied grumpily.

"Please Ben, when you're finished your turn could I have the piece of coal?" Prince James tried once more. Prince Ben was very grumpy, and shook his head.

"I don't think so. It's Mine! I want it!" he yelled. All of a sudden the Prince's Daddy appeared.

"Prince Benjamin, you need to share with your brother please. When you have finished your turn please give the coal to Prince James. Otherwise you might need a time-out." He said. Ben looked at the coal, and then gave it to James.

"Here you go James, your turn." he said. Prince James was very happy. He ran all the way back to Thomas, who was also very happy, and they both set off on their fun ride. The End.

At this point James decided he wanted to tell me a story. The story he shared is as follows;

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Mummy. She saw Thomas, and me, and then Swiper came. He took all the coal. So Mummy and me went and looked. We found a monkey "Please Monkey." and the Monkey gave it to us. We saw a Mouse and said "Please Mouse" and the Mouse gave it to us. Then we saw Ben. We said "Please Ben." But Ben said "No!" Then Daddy saved me, and Ben went wah wah wah. The End!

I quite like how Daddy 'saved him'.


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