Monday, May 11, 2009

Not me! Monday!

It's another Not Me! Monday! Head on over to Mckmama's blog and see what everyone else has not been up to. Maybe wait until tomorrow though if it's specifically Not me's! you want to see, since it's not Monday there until tomorrow!

OK, There are so many things I wish I had not done this week. Luckily I get to pretend I didn't, Fantastic! SO this week.....

I totally did not find an old South Park CD from my teenage years. I detest that programme and most certainly would never have liked it enough as a teen to have bought a CD of their movie music. I then did not find one of the worse songs on the CD and decide to play a trick on my husband by setting that song up to play when he started the car to go get our groceries. My husband was not so totally horrified that he turned off the cd player, forgetting to take the CD out so it was still set to that song. On our way to kindergarten the next day, the song so DID NOT start blaring teaching our sweet boys their very first BAD word. (As an aside, if that had happened, said bad word has thankfully not been repeated!)

That CD did not find itself in the trash.

I do not hate it when my tricks backfire.

On Saturday I did not have a run of SVT that made me so irritable I had a mini-meltdown at my Mum's house. Nope, I'm always poised and calm when out and about.

My boys love each other so much that when I suggested they shared a room again they both jumped at the chance. Baby A certainly did not say "No thanks, Never again!" When asked if Baby B could sleep in his room like he used to.

And finally, I am not already planning the boys fourth birthday party which is in September. I wouldn't have spent all weekend looking at venues, only for Baby A to say on Sunday night, "I want my party at Grandma's house.". Of course I would think to ask them first before wasting many hours on the internet enquiring about prices for things.

Well that's it for me. I hope next weeks not me! contains NO backfired tricks! No, I really do!

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