Thursday, May 21, 2009

Longest, tiring, good then scary day ever

I had my gynae appointment today. I was really nervous about it. I'm not entirely sure why. Last time I had my Mum and sister accompany me, while this time I went on my own so that may have been part of it. The appointment actually went really well, and THANK GOODNESS I don't need surgery at this point. The large cyst I had has dissolved, and the right overy still looks polycystic. I may have some endometriosis, but with the rhythm issues I am having with my heart my wonderful gynaecologist feels that surgery at this point in time since the large cyst has gone would be way more risky than beneficial. I'll stay under his care, and just go in to see him if I get the severe pain again. He's the most fantastic doctor.

I think all the driving really tired me out. I ate poorly today as well with all the rushong away, so by the time it got to kindy pick-up I was fairly exhausted. Which I think contributed to what happened next. Due to my appointment time my Mum had dropped the boys off to kindy and had one of their car seats. On the way out of kindy Baby B asked if he could go in Grandma's car and we had been invited for afternoon tea so agreed he could have a turn in Grandma's car. Next thing we know, Babies A and B are racing each other down the hill to try and find the cars. Now they know not to go out of my line of sight. If they can't stay close to me they have to do the most dreaded thing - hold my hand.

They also know that due to my heart rhythm issues I can't run after them (Mummy gets a tired heart and can't keep up!). Physically, when I run I feel as though I am going to pass out. On occasion, I have passed out so running = not good for me. So I desperately call out after them, threaten them with time out and walk as fast as I can to catch up. I reach Baby A. Baby B is nowhere in sight. Luckily my Mum was there with my three nieces and nephew she was picking up and spied baby B ACROSS THE ROAD! This road is extremely busy with all the parents picking up their kids. I have no idea how he got across it.

The worst thing is, my Mum had two kiddies by the hand, and I was walking some way behind her, trying to catch up to take Baby A's hand. Before I could get there He suddenly darted out onto the road, right in front of a car. The driver barely managed to stop in time, and was extremely shaken up by it.

I told them off so sternly while holding back tears. But for the grace of god we'd be at the hospital tonight. We've put the boys to bed early as I'm just exhausted physically and emotionally tonight. I held them close and gave them goodnight kisses, and thought I have never taken you for granted. I don't need a wake up call to how precious you are.

But perhaps I need a wake up call on how we behave out in public when I'm not feeling well and can not chase them. It's too late when I pick them up and am already tired to work out a plan. But tonight I am going to sleep early. Tonight I am just so pleased both boys are snug in bed, healthy and safe.


  1. Oh, Carla! I know exactly what that's like!

    Ellie was a runner from the time she learned how to walk. She would just take off and go, and she still isn't good about stopping and/or coming back when told to.

    Before I got sick, we had a close call where I was talking to another mom and Ellie just started running. I caught her in the middle of the street just as a huge SUV came screetching to a halt inches from us. After that, I put her in a harness when I went out with her because I already had back problems and couldn't just carry her the way my husband would. Yeah, I'm one of those moms who had their kid on a leash. :-(

    The last time I went alone with her in public was about a year ago. We were at Costco, my husband went to the car to bring it closer to the door while I (on an electronic scooter) waited to pay for our purchases. Ellie insisted on staying with me, but then got bored and announced she wanted to go find daddy. Oh, G-d. I'm boxed in a line, and the scooter's max speed is not as fast a 3-year-old's anyway. She takes off running at top speed for the main door of Costco to go find daddy in the parking lot.

    I didn't have a problem abandoning my purchases, but I knew I couldn't catch up with her anyway, on the scooter or on foot. Luckily, there was a family behind me in line and the dad asked if I'd like him to go catch her. He caught up with her just as she went out the door into the dark, and when she wouldn't agree to walk back to me with him, he picked her up and carried her to me.

    It scared me to death, and it still scares me when I think about it.

    Anyway, I'm glad you and your boys are safe. I wish I had advice for you on how to handle it, since I don't think my solution (not going alone with her) would solve your dilemma.

    I will say that turning 4 has made a huge difference in her cooperativeness (is that even a word? my brain is already fried) and that birthday has made a difference to many of my friends' kids too. I hope turning 4 will make a difference for you too, although I know that doesn't help Right Now.

    Hope you're feeling better and rested now!

  2. Oh hon, I've BTDT & it's SCARY. How about investing in a wee backpack with a strap for you to hold onto for Baby A - they're so cute, they don't look like reigns at all.

    Also, if you're nervous about going to apts etc on your own, you know to pick up the phone & I'll be there.

    I just tried calling you, but no answer. Give me a call when you're feeling up to it.

    K xx

  3. I've just thought of another possible solution - how about I come to the kindy and help you get your boys to the car? It's no hassle for me as I'm picking my boys up from school anyway.


    P.S Baby A is so much like J!!