Monday, June 1, 2009

100 things about me

1.I’m 26, but often forget how old I am. Especially when asked by specialists.
2.I always wanted twins
3.After trying to conceive for a year we were referred to Fertility Associates
4.After one cycle of fertility treatment I was pregnant
5.It was twins :)
6.I tease Craig a lot
7.but I really love and adore him
8.I have three sisters and I think quite amazingly we all get on well.
9.My older sister is really amazing and brave. I’m always looking up to her
10.She has two children whom I sometimes pretend are mine
11.I used to fight a lot with my sister whom is three years younger than me
12.Now we’re good friends. I've talked about her here
13.I adore my baby sister.
14.My friend I have been lucky to know the longest is Claire.
15.I have been friends with her for 23 years.
16.She’s one of the best people I know.
17.I went to an all girl’s high school
18.I’m really glad I did as I met some of the greatest people there
19.One of them is Nuka
20.She’s my soul sister
21.Another is Michelle
22.I really miss her as she’s in London right now
23.After being unwell I have caught up with many more people from high school.
24.They have all grown to be beautiful young ladies
25.I feel extremely lucky.
26.I really enjoy a cup of tea at the end of the day
27.I like to say things like “This tea and scone are delightful” when around my family
28.They hate it :p
29.I secretly quite like South Park
30.Michelle does too!
31.I don’t thinks she’ll mind me outing her
32.I love going for walks
33.I love dressing my twins up warm and playing outside in the rain
34.They love it too
35. I find it hard deciding where to send my boys for school
36.Or kindy
37.Or High School.
38.I would like to go back to uni someday
39.I’d like to gain a Master’s degree
40.I married Craig in Fiji almost six years ago
41.We had planned a big wedding at home first
42.The thought of it made me miserable
43.Because I’m extremely shy
44.I hate being centre of attention
45.I do now wish we’d had the money to fly my friends over
46.And Craig’s family
47.I’d like to think we’ll renew our vows one day
48.I really love the book The Shack.
49.I believe it is true
50.In so far as it is the authors journey
51.Not that I actually think it happened exactly as it is written
52.I have been banned from exercise for three years
53.Because of a heart condition
54.I’ve finally been cleared to do gentle walking
55.I’m going to my Mum’s every day
56.To walk 15 minutes on her treadmill
57.I am so happy to be at this point.
58.I have struggled with my weight
59.More the feelings associated with it
60.I feel much more peaceful about it now
61.I have learnt a lot from being sick
62.I hate having misunderstandings with people
63.I like to try and fix things
64.I’m accepting I can’t change how other people feel
65.But I’m working on how I see things
66.I love to read
67.and write
68.and do cross-stitch
69.and long-stitch
70.I’m hoping to start playing the piano again
71.I wonder how I will ever express how grateful I am to all my friends and family
72.I’d like to take them all on a holiday Disney Land
74.My twins often ask if they can have a friend over
75.In this order; Nuka, K and R, Claire, Chelle, K’s Mum, Jordyn, each other.
76.then they ask where their other cousins are
77.and why they aren’t home
78.with us
79.Must stop pretending they are my kids!
80.I am really happy where I am
81.but I still do worry about things much less than I used to though
83.Once I make my mind up, I’m unlikely to change it
84.As was obvious when I went to a kid’s café the for the first time
and booked it then and there for the twins fourth party
85.In September
86.That was in May.
87.I would like to spend more time with my Grandparents
88.and with my Dad
89.Just chatting
90.I really love my computer
91.I call her Adell
92.Because she’s a Dell
93.I’m going to go see Lovely Bones when it’s released with Nuka
94.For our joint birthday
95.We’re one month and one day apart
96.One day I will be well enough to go on a hike
97.I’ll go with Nuka, and one with my Dad
98.I love receiving comments on my blog. I really appreciate them and read every single one!
99.I try to be a good person. I’m doing the best I can.
100. I'm wondering where I made a mistake as there was 100 when I wrote this in Word and now there's 99....

A big thank you to the lovely author of this blog (and my new blogging buddy) for the great idea for this blog entry!


  1. I love your 100 Things list! In fact, I'm thinking that people should compile and share them at family reunions, and that couples considering marriage should exchange them. : )

    I,too,enjoy a cup of tea at the end of the day (decaf), and my family loves it when I make scones.

    I enjoyed The Shack very much, and have it on CD also. : ) It really made me think.

    You're the second person I know of who named their Dell computer "Adell."

    Read good books and write every day until you actually go back to college. I returned to school (when my children were older) to get my Master's degree in education, and all that reading and writing helped a lot.

    After I posted my 100 Things list, my siblings wrote their own lists. Their lists made me laugh, and cry. I hope that some of your friends and family follow your example, and write out their own lists.

  2. I loved it! And totally don't mind being outed for liking South Park - it's a really funny program 'I am the Coon'.

    I hope you guys renew your vows one day and that I'm in the country to be there and see it.

  3. Thanks for the great idea Carol! Actually, I meant to give you a shout out for giving me the idea, so I'll edit this now to add that in. It was so much fun to write.

    I'm glad to hear someone else has named their computer! Now I don't feel quite as odd! :) I'm hoping writing regularly here will help me, and I must get back into reading too so thank you so much for the great advice! Another excuse for me to blog :)

    I hope some of my friends & family also complete their lists.

  4. Michelle, we would only do it if you were in the country :)

    I am not the coon. I am the other guy. My name escapes me right now :) LOL

  5. Your name is Mysterion...but who are you really?