Sunday, June 7, 2009

So, it seems I'm a sock puppet...

My two boys are growing up so fast. They have learnt so many new things in just the past couple of months, and are coming out with witty, smart new things on a daily basis at the moment. It's been so much fun and really exciting seeing what they will come up with next.

In the evenings we have gotten into the habit of them having two stories before bed. This means they can each pick a book, and we take turns with which book is read first. Well tonight they both agreed they wanted made up stories from Daddy. My darling husband was pretty thrilled, given he has a family story which was told to him by his Grandmother that he has been desperate wanting to share with our children from way back before we even started trying for them. It's a really sweet story about the adoption of a Drake by Craig's Nana and how this Drake (Slappy) became a part of their family. I kept a careful ear on the story, hoping Craig would not share the true ending of the story with the boys.

You see, up until two years ago Craig thought the story ended with everyone living happily ever after. That perhaps Slappy had grown old and retired to another large farm in the area his Grandparents lived in. Then one occasion as he was telling his parents with enthusiasm his wish to share the Slappy story with our boys, his Father mentioned leaving out the part where Slappy was run over by his Mother and died. Craig was, to say the least, completely bereft gutted. Thankfully his story did not end with the true happenings.

Then Ben requested a story about pigs, and I argued it would be fun to hear a story of how Mummy and Daddy met. Luckily my husband managed the story of how we met by making me a Princess, him a crazy strange man that scared people and our old workmates were the three pigs. Ahem. Anyway.

As the boys tiredly but happily went off to bed, their eyes heavy and their cherubic faces lit up with smiles, I couldn't help but wonder what new things tomorrow would bring. Would James, as I try to dress him and accidentally put his arm where his head is meant to go in his top, again call me a sock puppet?

Only time will tell what exciting things we have to look forward to.

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  1. Oh, at least Craig's story doesn't end like my mum's duck story, where it was the family pet from a duckling, but then turned nasty, so nanna killed it and served it up for dinner. None of her 7 kids would eat it - funny that :)