Thursday, June 11, 2009

My twins, my heroes

I had a rather eventful day yesterday, through which i truely saw how amazing my boys are and how much they have grown up.

I came home around lunch time having treated the twins to a special lunch and feeling in need of a rest. Next thing I knew I had sever pain in my tummy, and as I was waslking down the hallway to the bathroom (I felt very flushed and wanted cold water) I collapsed. The world spun, my vision went and I managed to lie down just before everything went black. I don't think I was out for too long, the boys were next to me asking if I was OK. Next thing they were bringing me blankets, toys to cuddle and the cell phone so I could call someone.

To cut a long story short i was very troublesome and stubborn and it took for Craig to come home for me to go to the doctor. I felt too sick to go. It seems I am allergic to Penicillin, but it was low grade so I kept taking it thinking everyone must feel that bad on antibiotics. Itr was day five that all this happens, so it seems my body had enough. Because of the pain my BP and heart rate should have shot up, but my heart meds prevent this so my body went into shock, my heart rate got too slow and I passed out. I've been on 24 hours bed rest to allow my body to heal, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow and getting up to be with my boys.

So I've slept on and off, had a lovely visit from my Claire with lots of great DVDs (And food, I'm too spoilt with such wonderful friends) and am hoping not to have another fainting episode. Ever.

I am so very proud of my boys though. They did everything right, didn't panic and waited with me until Craig got home. I know I have a few people upset with me for not calling someone closer, but I hate to make a fuss and as I said i was too sick to want to go to the doctor.

I have begun to think though it may be time to teach the twins about calling emergency services. I'm just not sure if at nearly four they will grasp the difference between when to call and when not to? Any ideas?

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  1. Oh, gosh, I hope you're feeling better by now.

    How scary to collapse like that home alone with the kids. How great that they took care of you like that, without getting scared. What great kids!!