Monday, June 29, 2009

Mutiples and more Question Of The Week

OK, so I'm a day late. But better late than never. This weeks question:

Where and when was your best family vacation?

This is a tricky one as I've had so many great family vacations. It's a close call between the trip to Disney land with my parents and three sisters when I was 14, and a recent family summer holiday we went on to Napier over this past christmas. I'm going to go with the Napier trip, simply as I got to enjoy it with my parents and sisters, AND also all our partners and kids so it was very special.

As what was meant to be part of our christmas present (We all somehow still got rather a lot of gifts on the 25th..) my parents paid for us all to go up, accomodation and food as well as all other expenses. We got to take the kids through a maize maze, visit the aquarium, go to splash planet, go to Napier Prison on a tour, go shopping and go to the beautiful ice cream store.

It was a great holiday filled with laughter and fun. In fact I enjoyed it so much it is the destinations for AN and I's girly trip coming up this summer. :)

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  1. That sounds like fun:) Thanks for participating!!