Saturday, June 6, 2009

But I don't want too!!

Today I am stomping my feet, throwing a little tanty and declaring that I don't want to be sick anymore!! Well, I would be if I had the energy too. Instead I am in bed yet again with a incredibly sore throat caused by strep, a sore chest due to the beginning of a chest infection and a sore tummy due to penicillian. Return of tachycardia due to the temperature I keep running.

I promise I can see the joy in this. I have a book I have been wanting to read for about two months. I have cross stitch patterns to work on. I can rest and lie queitly taking care of myself so hopefully I well recover a little quicker from this small set back. It's the weekend and my darling husband is home watching the twins so it's possible for me to do this.

At the same time I have days like this. And I allow them, it's natural I think to become frustrated. I just wanted to spend a weekend day with my family. I just wanted to do some pottering in the garden, go to the park, keep up my new exercise plan... I just wanted to do something else.

But I will rest and take care. I will enjoy some reading and craft work. It will still turn out to be a lovely day.

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  1. I hope you're feeling better, having rested and taken care over the weekend. But I totally understand the frustration you were feeling. I think it's so healthy that you accept them when they happen ... but I hope they become more and more rare of an event for you!