Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busy, busy life

Things have been pleasently busy around here lately. I have new pics of the boys I took on a very special day for them. I'll upload into another post later today, all things going to plan (does that sound slightly sarcastic? Things very rarely go by my best laid plans do they?).

I've been unwell. I've felt better. I've felt unwell again. Through all this I have been living my life, enjoying my boys, having great times with friends, exploring holiday options for over the summer when I will be off on a girl's holiday with Nuka while my darling husband stays home with our twins. Going out to the movies with Claire and having a wonderful time. I've been resting, Chatting lots at with Craig, crying at the end of Marley and Me, attending four year old birthday parties with the twins, getting terrible headaches I can't shake, ignoring said headaches to watch Ben10 for the millionth time with the twins.

I also have phone calls I haven't replied to yet. And emails. And a bit of washing to be done. So things haven't been quite perfect this week. Luckily I'm not aiming for perfection. Just to be living my life with happiness.

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  1. I loved Marley and Me and bawled my eyes out. I was on the plane back to London though, so a) was a bit fragile and not surprised that I'd cry and b) was a bit embarrasing crying on a plane load of people :)

    You go Carla! Sounds like crap's happening, but you are living and enjoying life as it comes.