Saturday, June 13, 2009

I get by with a little help...

I was taking my nightly meds and realised just how much my life has come to depend on these little marvels of medicine.

Thes medications that I take were found to be effective for patients in heart failure/ diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy sometime in the early 21st century.

Nine years ago.

Looking back to 1980 there was a high rate of mortality for those found to have the exact condition I do. They were given five years at most to live. Many did not even make it to one year past diagnosis. If you've seen the movie Beaches, this is what one of the main characters died from.

I am currently sitting at two and a half years past diagnosis.

I have little tablets that clear my body of excess fluid to help my heart pump blood more easily. I have little tablets that slow down my heart rate, lower my blood pressure so my heart can rest and hopefully heal. I have meds that keep me safe from blood clots developing. Not to mention the meds helping my insulin resistance and iron deficiency.

Along with all the positives these meds bring, of course there are side effects. Severe tiredness, forgetfulness, a heart rate that now at times goes too low. My kidney and liver function are checked every three months to see how they are dealing with all this toxicity.

I wouldn't trade a thing.

These little marvels of medicine? They saved my life.

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