Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why? DailyPost#5

So it's mid summer here at the moment and the last two days have been, to me, incredibly hot. I used to love days like this, especially today where the sun was out and the sky was a clear and beautiful blue. That was until I made acquaintance with heart failure and her buddy Fluid retention. Whilst I am doing so much better in regards to my heart health, I still struggle with fluid retention particularly when the weather heats up and it starts to get humid.

Added to this is my sensitivity to sun which developed shortly after the boys were born. I can be in the sun for as little as a couple of minutes and get burnt, I can feel the sun burning me the minute it touches my skin. I end up getting heat stroke very easily, and time spent in the sun can lead to a flare up of aches and pain everywhere. So i now slather myself in sunscreen, have a giant floppy hat and consign myself to the shade.

Which is fine. I still get to enjoy time outside with the boys, despite my quickly lobstering skin, giant hat and swollen ankles. Though this summer I have been really enjoying being inside on the rainy but warm days playing board games and (Bad Mummy I am) the occasional PlayStation game (Our fav at the moment is Scooby Doo!).

Which leads me to my question of today. WHY? When the recorded high yesterday was 30 degrees Celsius and the high today was somewhere near that (Haven;t yet checked) did our neighbour decide to light their fire? And why or rather WHAT in the world would cause horrible black smoke and a sickly horrible smell? Benjamin and I have had a annoying chesty cough ever since we inhaled the lovely smoke our neighbour shared. I ended up closing all the windows on what was one of the hottest days we have had.

Which makes me curious. Am I going to be the scary/crazy lady who wears giant hats, sneaks around in the shade and locks herself inside the house on the nicest days of the year?

Next summer should be interesting.


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