Saturday, January 22, 2011

Growing your own DailyPost #8

Well I have never been one to consider growing my own Vegetables and/or fruit. I am absolutely petrified of bugs, so the idea of gardening in itself creeps me out, let alone planting my own food, trying to keep bugs off it and then risking eating something that may or may not have a bug in it.

This is not an entirely irrational fear. When I was younger a friend of mine had a huge apple tree growing in her garden. The one time I took one to eat, I discovered a hole in it before I took a bite. Thank goodness. Her sister was not so lucky and ended up with a mouthful of apple mixed with worm. I still shudder when I think of it.

However I was lucky enough to receive a tomato plant for Christmas from my most wonderful childhood (Not the same as the apple incident!) friend. I have never been great with keeping plants alive, but with this being a gift and being a plant my friend had carefully grown from a cutting of her own plant I decided I was going to really try hard to keep this one alive.

And I have.

Not only is it alive, but it has grown amazingly well. On our kitchen counter. Now it is at the point I need to find a new home, and I'm actually looking forward to the possibility of having tomatoes I managed to grow myself! Luckily we have a glassed in area on our deck, so this is where our lovely lone tomato plant will go, and hopefully thrive.

Now I have started thinking about what else we could try to grow, and ways to avoid my bug and mud aversion. I have found some raised gardens which would look lovely on our deck, once we can afford to buy some. From this lovely gift of a tomato plant I'm actually becoming slightly interested in growing more things of my own.

I know some of my lovely friends have vege gardens, do any of you out there have any tips or advice for someone VERY new to the idea of vege gardening?


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