Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unexpected DailyPost #11

I had two very unexpected events occur in rapid succession today.

It has been a reasonably long day as I'm not feeling well and I had to drag myself down to see my General medical Specialist. That all went well, nothing new there. I was very lucky that my wonderful MIL had the twins for me so they had a great time there instead of hanging out at the hospital.

I managed to get my concerns across about my weight and actually be listened to. That was nice for a change. The specialist made some light hearted yet serious comments;
"With all you have been through, I would just enjoy every single day if I were you"
"Being overweight right now is the better alternative." (Coming off medication which would be BAD)

But it ended up being a strange kind of day. Where small comments went full circle and gained much wider meaning by the end of the day.

I got home reasonably late and decided we would have an easy dinner. During our meal I received a phone call from my Mum letting me know my Poppa is in hospital with a second suspected Heart Attack. I love my Poppa dearly and he is having such a rough time with his health.

Just after hanging up from my Mum I decided to explore some of the blogs I used to follow before my blogging break. One in particular came to mind, of a fellow PPCM survivor which also chronicled her weight loss journey. I was shocked to find that nine months ago she suffered a Cardiac Arrest and passed away. She worried so much about her size and how she looked, right up to her final post. It really struck a chord with me, and made me think of what the specialist had said in a new way.

While my sweet blogging buddy may have carried some extra weight she was a beautiful person. And a kind person.

Which to me counts for so much more.


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