Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 Everyone!! :)

Well a lot has gone unrecorded during 2010 but that doesn't mean nothing was happening. My beautiful little babies decided to go and turn five on me, meaning the beginning of their school journey and the first time I would be on my own five days a week.

My health continued to be much of a puzzle, with my Decemeber trips to the specialists bringing some light and good news. My heart is functioning close to normal now and I am now in the maintanence stage, keeping this heart which has been through so much healthy. A second visit to the rheumatologist has bought a tentative diagnosis of unspecified Autoimmine disease. Unspecified due to the fact my blood tests have come back non conclusive but I display all the signs and symptoms of a autoimmune condition so have started on a medication (Plaquenil) which will build up slowly in my system over the next few months and hopefully will bring some relief.

2011 for me is going to be a year of recovery and focusing on myself. I am going to rediscover all those things I enjoy, continue to learn how to live with chronic illness and try to feel less frustrated with my body.

So if I had a new years resolution it would be this. To record more of what is happening during 2011 just to see how far I have come and to enjoy focusing on this journey called life.

xoxo <3

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