Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wacky Advice? DailyPost#2

Todays writing prompt:
Describe the wackiest but most useful advice you’ve ever received.

I have thought on this one for most of the day, trying to think of some piece of funny yet helpful advice. I have been in many situations to have received some real gems. Unfortunately much of the funny advice has thus far failed to be all that useful.

So I changed my approach to this. Instead of focusing on Wacky funny I began to think about times I have received advice that seemed all good in theory but I wasn't sure how I could put it into practice. The times I have been given a small nugget of advice, and over time have realised I am actually holding onto a piece of gold. My favourite, and one which comes to me often is this;

You can not change others, you can only change the way you see/approach things

Now this may not seem all that wacky. However in the position I was in when I first heard this I was confronted with a new and unfamiliar way to deal with my problems. Many times if someone was upset with me, didn't like me, did something to hurt me I took it as a sign that I wasn't good or kind enough. I worried insesintly and would do everything I could to try to "make" someone like me. When I received the above advice I realised it wasn't saying I had to change who I was, I couldn't change the other people involved and make them like me, I have no power over whether someone will enjoy my company or not.

Upon this realisation, I also received the following advice from a close friend:

I have an Apple and an Orange. If you choose the Apple, you are not saying that Oranges have no value. The Orange is still a tasty and nutritious fruit, it's just at this time in your life you prefer Apples

I love this idea. It is so simplistic without all the complications of human relationships, but still makes a lot of sense when applied to the situations I struggle with.

This was a tricky piece for me to write. I'm kinda glad it's over for the day and it's only day 2!!


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  1. Yay, so glad you are posting again. I love them. Keep them up...please :)