Monday, January 24, 2011

A Sound That makes me Smile DailyPost #10

What is your favorite sound?

My most favourite sound would have to be my two little boys chatting to each other. As babies I often wondered how the two of them would relate to each other. Whether they would have a strong bond, if they would be competitive with each other, if they would be friends or would barely tolerate each other.

As it turns out, so far so good. At five years of age they have the typical sibling arguments - they are around each other almost 24/7 it would be odd for them not too. They definitely have their love-hate moments and times where they argue just for the sake of it. But over all they are great friends, and LOOK OUT anyone who crosses either one of them. They have an amazing sense for when one or the other of them is in trouble. It can be quite scary if they think the other is getting an unfair deal.

I love also when they make each other laugh. They have the most amazing senses of humour developing and we can often hear them giggling when playing together or when they are meant to be going to sleep.

Some of my other favourite sounds?

  • Bird song
  • Waves crashing on a beach
  • Rain on the roof
  • Listening to all my sisters chatting
  • Craig's voice


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