Friday, January 21, 2011

DailyPost #7

I had a few ideas for today's post:

Seven Things I love about the number Seven

An interesting conversation I had with the twins about Good & Bad (Will do this in the future!)

A revisit to the Spoon Theory

However I am not doing any of these. Instead I am feeling really bad because I can be so unreliable. My memory is like a sieve at times, which is why I keep a diary AND a calender AND a computer based planner. But I missed something off all three somehow and ended up missing something important to my friend tonight. Worst of all it was a gathering and I think I kept everyone waiting for me to turn up, which I didn't since I had forgotten. AND because I am feeling really unwell today I wasn't able to rush down when I received a lovely phone call reminding me the party was meant to have started half an hour ago. So people waited for me and I didn't have the courtesy to turn up

I really suck.

I could just accept the fact I simply forgot, and forgive myself. Except I can't, I feel really bad and worried. And sick. Not such a great combination.

So I just am not in the space to write anything clever, funny or thought provoking. I'm just wallowing and hoping I feel a little less terrible in the morning.


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