Tuesday, January 4, 2011


These holidays are speeding by in a happy blur of busy-ness. I have had the good health to enjoy a couple of outings with my three boys, and the good sense (Finally!!) to rest when I need to.

We have managed a walk (albiet the shortest one) at Battle hill, a trip to the Horse races which my sweet Benjamin has been waiting a long while for, trips to the library, trips to the pool and lots of time with family and friends, especially one of my nephews and one of my nieces who make our family outings feel complete.

In amongst all that I have had some really tired days. I had one day where I couldn't make it out of bed all morning, I was achy and sore and just tired. I felt a little bit of anxiety creep in, which always happens when I am that tired and have to stay in bed, and I managed to make it go away! It was such a relief and I am hoping that 2011 gives me even more insight into learning to live positively with my illnesses.

One of my dearest friends Anushka is currently visiting the country she was born, and I am missing her very much. Any prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes whatever you like to do, if they could be sent her way so she enjoys safe travels.


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