Friday, January 28, 2011

Outdoor Movies DailyPost #14

We all had one of the best days today. The boys and I got to go to a picnic at a friend house, the twins got to catch up with lots of their school friends and I got to chat with the lovely Mums. It was such a nice way to spend the last day of the school holidays (Except for Monday, but I don't know if I count Monday since it will really be a busy day preparing for school).

We followed this up with a trip down to the Arena to watch the outdoor movie with some of the same lovely friends, and also with my niece and nephew. It was such a nice night, not to hot and cloudy (Yet I still got sun burnt), and we got to have a picnic dinner. Bliss.

I am now quizzing my lovely husband on some of the strange things I have been known to say in the middle of the night when he is trying to sleep so I could share, but he's drawing a blank. Too sleep deprived he says. Often I'm half asleep and get a sudden fear - like that a person/ghost is hiding in the walk in closet, or a rabid squirrel ghost is breaking into our house. By the time I have made my lovely husband go and check everything, he gets back to bed and I am fast asleep. More recently I have apparently had a fear that my legs are turning into trees. Yeah, i don't know where that comes from.


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