Friday, April 3, 2009


So my next update was going to be non-medical related. But I left it too long obviously, because now I have an all new diagnosis for another condition! Although this has been ongoing, I'd had no symptoms for some time and so it hadn't been followed up any further. Then out of the blue, it hits. SVT

Supraventricular tachycardia. Out of no where my heart flips into this rhythm. Tuesday I was sitting on the couch. My heart rate went from 86bpm to 170 in a split second. It was quite scary. I tried to wait it out, but unlike the other times it wouldn't go away. It went for a total of one hour this time. During this time I headed down to the Doctors, where it was officially diagnosed. In the past my episodes of SVT were short and not caught by an ECG or doctor, but it's come back with a vengence.So over the last few days my heart has been flipping in and out of this rhythm. Luckily it resolves itself. The worrying thing is it's lasting longer than it used to before flipping itself back into sinus rhythm.

I'm already on all the meds recommended for this arrythmia so there's not a lot else to do to prevent them. Now I just have to wait and hope they don't get bad enough to end me up in the hospital. Or down the path of needing an ICD.Time will tell. Like all things with me, time will be either a healer or a giant flashing arrow that more needs to be done. You'll know when I know

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