Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do I have a cold or the flu?

Oh google, how I love thee. Especially when I have such important questions such as was the movie strangers really based on a true story? Is my cat pregnant? And most impotantly, do i have a cold or the flu?

Well, after extensive research (I read the first three websites to come up out of 500,000+), the result seems to be I have a cold. Or the flu.

Hmmm. Informative.

Reasons for the flu:
I have a temperture, I am aching all over, I have a sore throat, I am really congested and if it weren't for the four hourly panadol and Volataren with a pinch of codeine I'm pretty sure this would be one nasty as headache.
But I've had the flu jab. But this could be a strain of the flu I wasn't vaccinated against.

Reasons for a cold:
I have a sore throat. I'm really congested. I have a fever.

So really I have no idea. Basically treament is about the same, risk of complications due to my heart condition about the same. Length of recovery about the same. So today I have a nasty cold. Tomorrow I might have the flu. I'll see what mood I'm in.

And I might just google it.

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