Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Autumn is here

And it's cold. But we still have sunshine! So as my lovely twins kept seeing all the amazing photos in Stellan's name gallery and we haven't taken photos in a while, we braved the cold and managed to get this shot;

If you don't know Stellan's story it is amazing and I highly recommend you click on the praying for Stellan button to learn more about this amazingly brave young baby.

Oh my how I was cranky this afternoon. I am tired, and feeling terrible and just have no patience. Hence we didn't get many pictures. But, making me feel a little better, the boys ARE smiling in the ones we did get.

OK, so maybe just Baby B is smiling in the pics I got. Baby A more looks nervous, like when will Mummy stop being like cranky the crane? (Those actually are his words). Ah well, tomorrow is a brand new day.

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