Friday, April 24, 2009

Health Update

So I had my gynae visit last night. I really like my gynaecologist, he'd be my favourite doctor. Not only did he guide me through infertility and then a really rough pregnancy, but he's kind, has lovely bedside manner, and is quite good looking. In fact, my younger sister now wants to come to all my appointments just to see him. Ahem...

Anyway. So the right sided pain is still present, and a repeat scan (That I don't want to talk about except to give the results) showed the typical polycystic ovary. That may be causing the pain, or I may have enodometriosis. The way to find this out would be another laproscopy (I had one before conceiving the boys which came back clear). Most interestingly though, a rather large mandarin sized cyst was found on my left ovary. I was quite surprised by this as the extreme pain is on the other side, so what the hell? Due to my rather rough few years, and given I'm having some arrythmia issues at the moment, my kind specialist would like to give it four weeks to see if the cyst will resolve on it's own and therefore surgery wouldn't be so urgent.

I'm happy with this. I'd prefer not to be rushed into surgery at this point in time. I guess in four weeks if said cyst is gone, we will then discuss managing the pain and when/if they'll do an investigation to see if I have endo.

So overall a good visit. I feel quite lucky to have two extremely competent as well as very kind specialists (Cardio is the second one). I guess I must have met my quota of horrible doctors!

I'm also currently wearing the event moniter. SO far I think I've only had sinus tachy and some PVC's and PAC's, nothing too exciting. Which is good, but also not great as if I had a good run of SVT then we could figure out effective treatment. Not that I want SVT, just i would like this all figured out! I'd like to be able to exercise without fainting. That'd be nice.

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