Friday, April 17, 2009

Learning things about things, and stuff

We've had a busy last few days. Wednesday the twins and I had a great day out and about with a good friend and her two sons, having a yummy lunch and some time at the playground. Lots of fun!

Thursday it was Craig's turn to go to a hospital appointment. He was so nervous, my poor healthy hubby. He forgot to check he had the parking permit for outpatients (Making finding suitable parking really horrific), was nervous we hadn't left enought time to get to the appointment (Doesn't realise no matter when you get there, there'll be a wait) and was very surprised when the doctor told him he'd need to be referred to someone else in the clinic whom specialises in corneal grafting (Doesn't realise you NEVER get in to see the person you want straight off). He has a lot to learn, and I hope he never has to learn it.

The said appointment was very good however, as we learnt Craig is likely a candidate for a corneal graft. He has no vision in his right eye due to a scarred cornea, and this would hopefully give him back most of his sight, albiet may be a little blurred. There is very little risk of rejection, and he'd be in and out of hospital within 24 hours. He'd then get 2-4 weeks off work so we need to start saving up his leave now (If only I could stop getting sick!!)

Unfortunately for me, yesterday was return of the pain day. I have completely weaned off the first med, and I'm still aching all over. Meaning either the DILE diagnosis is wrong, or it's not that drug. Next, I've got severe ovary pain again. I'm about ready to get a knife and hack the thing out myself.

Anyway, that brings us to today. Today was a pain day, I spent most of it in bed and taking lots of my meds. One of the meds caused some palpitations and a run of SVT. Or maybe that's the pain, I can't be sure.

Nonetheless, I have my appointment next Thursday where I should find out gynaecological treatments for the awful ovary. Please let them be viable options for me, the girl whom can't go on birth control and most likely wouldn't be cleared for surgery right now.

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