Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monitoring Events

I was feeling irritated today. Everytime I moved, when I tried to help the boys get dressed, when I got breakfast, when I myself got dressed my heart was racing. I decided that this is enough. I made a doctors appointment (Well, Craig did. I hate making phone calls) and decided I am going to go down there until something more productive comes of it then "Let's increase your meds!"

Wow. It only took this one appointment! Colour me surprised, since it took 18 months for me to be referred to a Cardiologist when I was in heart failure. And showing all the classic signs.

Tomorrow I get my very own event monitor! I get to wear it for two whole weeks. Then they'll know whether an ablation would be good, different meds, a pacemaker, basically it'll just give a much better idea of what all these arrythmias are and whether/how they can be treated.

I really hate wearing these. Well, I've had two holter monitors in the past, not exactly the same I hope as those are HUGE. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!

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