Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun times at A&E

Early Wednesday morning I ended up going into A&E. I had severe pain in my right side, and after waiting a few hours (Most of the night) for it to settle, we headed into the hospital. I was the only one in the waiting room at first, but the triage nurse told me it would be a long wait as things were hectic in the actual A&E. I was actually well looked after in the waiting area and didn't mind the four hour wait. If I had I most certainly would have had to change my mind after seeing a lady, whom I named heart attack lady, struggle in having trouble breathing. She was seated in triage for about five minutes while they found a room for her. The whole time she was in immense pain and had great difficulty breathing. That five minutes must have felt like an eternity to her.

So when I was seen a line was quickly put in, and bloods taken to see if it could be my appendix. I was given a lovely array of pain killers. The bloods came back fine and I was transfered over to the WHAS unit. I got to wait in a lovely room for an ultrasound, and was then informed by the docter I had one extremely swollen ovary covered in so many cysts they couldn't be counted. Nice.

So I'm home with a lot of pain meds and a card for the WHAS unit in case I need to go back in. I'm also now under the care of a gynaecologist and Endocrinoligist, bringing my total of specialists to si (the other four are rheumatologist, cardiologist, general medical and haematologist). BUT I think we are getting somewhere, and I feel as though I am moving forward. I will hopefully no longer be interesting medical mystery girl and just be boring chronic illness girl once more :)

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