Friday, August 28, 2009

Tremendous Twin Tales

I really enjoy my twin boys. While like any other Mum there are times I feel I am going stir crazy, feel like the noise is getting to me and think I have to say "Don't do that to your brother..." one more time I might just go mad, on the whole I really enjoy my children.

They are constantly teaching me new things, making me laugh and remind me how amazing the world actually is. Last week was the first one in a while where I had the boys every day. What I mean is, their Nanny was unwell and they weren't up to kindy a few days so instead of my usual three half days and two whole days with them we got to spend the whole week together. I really enjoyed it, after my initial nervousness about whether my health was up to such a full-on week.

It was also a wonderful learning opportunity. On the two full days I have with the boys each week I try to cram fun outings, learning lessons, shopping and playing into the day. In a way it helped ease the guilt of having them in care. So knowing we had a full week ahead of us, i made big plans. The first two days we were out all the time. We didn't get home until Craig did and I was feeling exhausted. The second night as the boys were heading to bed they asked what we were doing the next day. I hadn't decided at that point so told them they could choose. Guess what they said?

"Can we stay home with you and rest and have cuddles?"

This is when I realised they didn't care what we did, or if we went out somewhere exciting and got bought new things. They, like me, just enjoyed being home together. I still plan that we will have a few special occasions a month, but so far we are really enjoying our quiet time at home.

Something else I have noticed both my boys do is say "We" when they mean "I". The last time i tried to correct them, the conversation went like this:

James "Can we have a drink please?"
Me; "Sure, what would you both like?"
James; "No, not Ben."
Me; "So you would like a drink please."
James "Yes, We said we have a drink please?"
Me; "Honey, it's I. If just you want something, you can say I."
Ben, from other room; "Yeah James, just you. So say we have a drink, not me."
Sigh. I'm sure it'll catch on eventually.

I've been lucky enough to be dropping my sweet niece and lovely nephew to school a few time recently. I love going into the school and seeing their classrooms, meeting my nieces teacher. it's a great school with a great atmosphere. This morning the boys and I took my niece to her classroom where she proudly showed off her twins. She proudly announced they were "Identical twins!"

"Honey, they are non-identical twins. They look very different." I explained. My niece looked at me like I was losing my mind, then said - "But they have the same hats on, so they are identical."

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