Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm back. But not really.

So. Computer viruses. Not great. While I am in fact typing right now on my much love aDell, I'm not all that certain that all is completely well just yet. With my parents flying off to exciting destinations at the end of the week, my Dad most likely won't have too much time to do a computer check-up. Which means it could be another three weeks before I am regularly back.

Oh how I have missed you all, and what dramas we have had. The twins have been given a start date for morning kindy, which means five mornings a week I'll be home alone. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that yet. Only one more step and then it's school. This time next year they will be a month away from turning five. How did that happen?

I had the flu. Now I'm not supposed to say it was swine flu since it is no longer tested for, and people that have been around me may have panicked. But really. I was so sick, even with tamiflu. I got a chest infection. It came on really quickly and I'm still fatigued after a week. I've had my flu vaccination this year.

I also now have a quicker follow up with my cardio due to some rhythm issues this morning which took me from being not so polite to the receptionist at our local doctors office to our local A&E.

Today is Claire's birthday. Happy birthday Claire!! I'm still thinking about the delicious meal Claire made me for my birthday. Yum :)

Hmm what else. It has been quite some time, too much time in fact and I'm struggling with my beta-blocked brain to remember what else has been happening.

Lets leave it at this. I'll be back.

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