Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beta blocker brain

It's been a little while. I should have lots to share - cute twin stories, health updates, stories of any kind. Unfortunately, while I know i have been super busy the last couple of weeks I can't clearly remember exactly what it is I've been busy with. Days passed with speed and I would think to myself, hey that's a cute thing Baby A did I want to remember. But I wouldn't write it down. Now all I can remember is wanting to remember something.

Yesterday at Cardiac Rehab I had confirmed all the things I had hear about beta blockers. This is one of the heart meds I'm on, actually the one I have had to increase to almost maximum dosage to actually get my heart rate under control. It works to slow down your heart rate and thus give it time to rest. However as my cardiac nurse put it yesterday "It also slows everything else down".

This means my memory pretty much sucks most of the time. I feel a bit brain fogged, don't have the same mental clarity I once did and basically feel frustrated by both of the above quite frequently.

So really this blog becomes even more important. To remind of the things my boys have gotten up to. So I'm promising myself to write more often.

But right now I'm off to watch My Super Sweet sixteen UK and shake my head at these kids and their parents.

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