Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Never fear, I am still here!

Where have I been you may ask? Well, at my new favourite place. The Gym. Really. Truely I have. No seriously, stop laughing. This exercise allergic, only runs if being chased, scared of getting sweaty or dirty girl has joint a gym. And I LOVE it. It helps a lot that I have found the right one for me, a supportive environment, nice and small, and people with knowledge of heart conditions and programs developed just for me.

And I have all the motivation I would ever need. I have overcome heart failure so there's no WAY I am letting this liver condition get any worse. I have talked about that right? I have so many reasons to get fitter (To get better, strengthen this tired heart, lose weight, gain confidence.....) and I have so much support I feel this is really going to work. And by that I mean it will help me feel semi-normal again.

Because who am I kidding, I was only semi-normal to begin with ;)

Stay tuned, I'll be posting more regularly over October! :)

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