Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spring school Holidays; A Zoo Visit

Because it is the school holidays, the weather here has turned from lovely early Spring sunshine and gentle breezes to constant rain. So all plans of outdoor picnics and strolls to the park have been postponed and we have been concentrating on indoor activities. However the sun finally peaked out, for just one day, near the end of last week. So I decided to treat our little treasures with a trip to the zoo. Which for some reason was not a great experience for Ben, as chronicled in the following pictures, which also go to show just how different twins can be...

"Seriously, the zoo? Won't I get dirty?"
"Seriously, the zoo? Yes! Thank you Mama!"

"Yes, Gibbons. Very nice. Lets move on."
"Wow Mama, look!"

"Look, these kangaroos are all well and good
but my trousers are getting mucky"
"Cheese, Mama this is fun!"

"Right time to go home."
"Wait, I don't think we've seen these ones....."

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  1. Finally got round to looking up the link to your blog from my old emails on facebook. These photos and quotes are funny :)