Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What does it mean when....?

You go in for an ultrasound of your liver and the technician ends up spending a large amount of time looking at the kidneys?

This is the annoying thing about having tests done. The waiting for results. The inability of the technician to give you a hint as to what may be going on (You know, the whole blink once if it's fine, twice if it's abnormal, three times if it's really bad. Wait, how many blinks was that? Oh, there's something in your eye. You're not playing my game are you?).

And then there's the surprise questions. Absolute silence while the liver is scanned. OK, no hints there and even though I'm watching the screen I can't be right or perhaps my liver has in fact imploded. Scanning the kidneys now. Wait, questions "Do you drink a lot of water? What medications are you on? Do you get back pain? When do you see your doctor next?"

And that last one was followed by a, "Well, I'd probably go in and chat with your doctor within 48 hours. They'll have results by then."

And knowing my luck, I will in a panic go to an appointment that's been pushed forward at the annoyance of the medical receptionist to find out..... It all looks fine. I'll keep you posted.

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