Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The royal twin We

I'm not sure if this is a common occurance with twins, but our boys seem to use 'we' an awful lot. For example;
"It's we's birthday soon isn't it?"
"We want a drink. Not James, just we."
"We want Ben10. Now we both Ben10 and we watch it" (There's only one of them in the room)
"We is in the playroom. I go get him?"
A little disturbing. But then, yesterday;

The boys came running into the lounge from the playroom, both saying "He broke the train track!". Wow, some individuality. Knowing it was unlikely they would actually admit who it was I asked anyway.

"Who broke the train track?"

To which they both replied - in unison which is what one does if one is a twin - "He did."

They then repeated this over and over, moving closer and closer to each other with each sentence. Once they were standing next to each other they put their arms around each other and declared "We did!" before running back into the playroom. I looked at my husband and said one sentence before returning to my craft making. "Twins are really odd." Ahh but how we, I mean I, love them.

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