Thursday, July 2, 2009

Feeling Much Better (and Photos!)

I have woken up today to another chilly winter morning. The sun is out though, with blue skies and nice fluffy clouds that as the day progresses I suspect will turn to grey heavy clouds since this weekend is meant to be very cold.

I suspect writing out all I did last night helped me to stop going over it in my own mind all the time. Physically, I'm still tired and feeling icky but Emotionally I am so much better today. At this point in time, that seems by far more important. Feeling happy and assured is likely to help me through these days I'm having a flare of my illness. So I'm very grateful for waking up today feeling so much better.

The roller coaster ride that is dealing with chronic illness involves so much more than just how you are feeling physically. It really does effect every part 0f your life and while I choose to be happy and grateful no matter what, I am human and have those days, or those months when that choice is a hard one to fulfill. I am so very thankful to those of you that have stuck by me during this most recent tough time. *hugs* go out to all of you, near and far :)


So, I promised a few weeks ago pictures of the twins on a special day. Here they are:

Was that a birthday cake? And new toys? Why yes. Isn't their birthday in September? Yes again. And haven't they already turned three? How very observant of you. We had a 'pretend' birthday party for the boys at my Mum's house. They got a gift to share, a small present from my mum and sister, cake and a movie to watch. Just another of those crazy spur of the moment things I decided to do :)

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