Monday, July 13, 2009

27 things I loved about my 27th birthday...

1. Having a lovely meal with my second family (My Inlaws :) ) the night before
2. Waking up and receiving handmade cards, instant kiwi tickets and chocolate from my babies and husband.
3. Receiving a gift from Michelle, all the way from London!
4. Said gift from London was my much loved and greatly missed Reeses peanut butter cups and pieces, as well a lollies I've never had before :) And a gorgeous postcard.
5. My Nana sent me a gift she had especially picked out for me as she thought I'd liked it.
6.I had lunch with my parents, my Nuka, all my sisters, their partners and nieces and nephews.
7. Everyone had put so much effort into choosing gifts for me.
8. My niece and nephew had spent a long time putting together a picture mural, drawings and my favourite gum.
9. My Mum paid for me to have my hair done a few days before, so I celebrated turning 27 with no grey hair :)
10. Nuka giving me the most perfect card, and a wonderful gift.
11. Receiving a hilarious card from one of my sisters, and the gift of a book!!
12. Going to Glassons after lunch with a gift card from my eldest sister, and finding a sale was on! Getting a gorgeous woolen top for less than half price :)
13. Finding the perfect bracelet and charms were also half price.
14. Having Nuka join me on the shopping trip.
15. Spending a quiet evening with my husband.
16. My littlest sister buying me clothes she knows I love.
17. Discovering that one of the tops she bought me is a new colour I've never worn and it suits me!
18. Finding lots of messages on Facebook from people wishing me a happy birthday
19. Getting sung to twice
20. Getting two cakes
21. Sleeping in late
22. Staying in bed reading for a while before getting up for the day
23. Did I mention the Chocolate from Michelle? Hehe, It's just SO yum it deserves another mention
24. That I still have more to look forward to, a dinner with Claire and Adrian :)
25. I was well for the whole day
26. Having my babies tell me they love me and to have a happy birthday
27. Having a peaceful, happy, wonderful day.

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  1. I'm so glad to see you had such a great day :) I'm glad you enjoyed your Reeses pieces and that they arrived on time.
    Sounds like to you had a perfect day, family, food, presents and shopping. Sounds like Bliss.