Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Search for those stars

It can be so hard to find the goodness in being ill. It can be so hard to stay positive and wait for that good day, hour, moment to arrive. And once it has been, to keep hope that you'll get another. That maybe next time it will stay a little longer, that slowly you may get better.

Then there are those who will never get better. Or those like me who will get better, then sick, then better, then sick again. How do you keep hope alive? For me it is a gentle flickering deep in my soul. Much like a star twinkles and flickers in the darkness of night. The sun may have gone down, our old lives of being well and physically able behind us. Keep an eye out for those stars. They are not as bright and obvious as the sun, but they are equally as beautiful. Equally as precious.

Your life is not over because you are sick. It will never be the same though either. Find some of your own stars in the darkness and hold tight. Before you know it, you will be gazing into a sky filled with bright beautiful starlight.


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