Saturday, December 19, 2009

Strange realisations

It's been a peaceful time around here lately. I wouldn't dare say quiet, besides how can any last week of the kindy term be quiet? But things have been pretty smooth sailing. Sure there's the lack of money that comes at this time of year, the hurry to finish off shopping, the regular cardiologist appointment (Have had one every December for the last three years without fail).

And still there is the sense of calm. Of peace. Our little family has been through so much that the regular stressful times don't really seem all that bad to us. We're lucky to just focus on the blessings, the beautiful feeling of community and love that this season of the year is about.

I guess it helps that we've made our major decision for next year already - the boys schooling. An interesting thing though, that during this time I have been feeling quietly happy, reflective and joyful I have also been a lot quieter than usual. Strange.

And then my second realisation. I have been blessed with a gorgeous little baby nephew this year, an absolute sweetheart of a child whom I adore. However I have in no way felt clucky, or wondered if in some time in our future it might be possible to have another child (Cue cardiologist going very pale at the thought). No, this morning I discovered that what it takes for me to get clucky is Multiple babies. I've been browsing some of the Multiple Mum's websites and show me a picture of twins or more and gosh how I yearn for more! Not one more though. Only 2+ will do!!!

Perhaps the reason I can safely indulge this feeling is because there is absolutely no way we will have anymore children. :)

The cardiologist appointment went well. My heart is back in the mild dysfunction category, I seem to greatly confuse my wonderful Cardiologist. All winter I've been unwell and my heart function was dropping. Come summer and I'm back to improving. It makes him nervous.

Of course then I asked about decreasing my meds. I'm so mean because there is no way I am in a position to decrease at the moment, I just ask everytime my function looks better as it makes my cardiologist uncomfortable that I'm getting ahead of myself. Basically, it's my own personal in-joke. Everytime I get the same answer - We won't be doing anything with your meds until you are stable over a greater amount of time. Then we may decrease a little. Or not, it all depends.

I already knew that ;)

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