Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In which I kidnap a small child....

First, the background to the events which took place today;

I have been feeling incredibly lethargic again. This has been going on for a good few weeks now - definitely more than a month. I find it has made me forgetful (Missed a play date for the boys - like completely until three days later), and slow-on-my-feet. I can't make quick decisions anymore. Or the quick decisions I do make may leave something to be desired. I could blame the beta blockers, I could blame the mystery illness, but in reality I have no idea what it is turning my brain to mush at the moment.

In addition today I was on a mission to pick up three preschoolers from kindy. Let me set the scene:
Three 4 year olds dump their bags by my feet and run for the gate. I manage to carry bags and ask said children to hold hands outside the gate. Feel quite smug as the listen and walk confidently out the gate. Feel quite panicked as they head for the road. Check behind me, no one coming out the gate. Call out to children to stop (Hah!) and close gate behind me. Walk out towards the road (Slowly, remember carrying three bags) and feel something tug on my dress. Probably one of the bags is caught I think. Children run down street towards where the car is parked. Slight panic as I know I can't catch them.

Feel tug again. Turn around. Am stealing a small 2 year old that has become attached to my dress. Children by car looking to be deciding whether to head onto the road to get into the car from that side. Children not listening to me calling out to them. Make snap decision.

Manage to pick up small child and all three bags, catch 4 year olds, herd them into car, put 2 year old in front seat so as to buckle in 4 year olds. Tell them to sit in their seats while I take 2 year old back to the kindy.

Too late. Discover from the kindy teacher madly searching the cars that 2 year old has been discovered missing and kindy-wide search has been started. I am the perpetrator.

Now I have had time to think, the scenario would have been better had I;
A. Caught all three 4 year olds, told them to hold hands and walked back to kindy with small child.
B. Not put small child in the car but held him so when his Mother came looking she saw I had him
C. Actually realised a bag can not insistently tug on my dress and looked down when closing the kindy gate

But I went for option D. And that's the story of how I became a kidnapper.

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  1. Hey Carla,
    Just managed to catch up on your December posts. That has to be one of those really cringing moments. I totally feel for you. Even though I've never kidnapped a child, I have had those moments which are so embarrasing and make you want to disappear - such as eating someone elses pizza while in Rome, oops.