Friday, January 22, 2010

The many days of 'summer'

We have had three glorious days of summer. Now it's back to raining. But we packed a lot into those days, even if we have no other 'summery' days again we have done everything we hoped to.

With the pox all gone and the boys back to feeling well we went out exploring. We have seen the Karori Wildlife park (Best for kids older than four I think, but at least now I do), been to the movies, had a picnic in the park, gone for walks, played at the park. Tomorrow we will go to the library and that's it. Then I am planning a good rest to try and get rid of the bouts of SVT triggered by the busy week.

This weekend is Wellington Anniversary so we have Craig home for three days. And then I start work! Yup, quite surprising. I have never talked about job searching, job hunting, job anything on here before. That's simply because before Monday I hadn't even thought about it. My focus has been on Mothering and getting better. And while my focus will still be on these two most important things, I'm ready to try expanding things. It's a part time job during kindy hours and I'm really looking forward to it.

So just a quick update, I'm off to bed to listen to the rain on the roof. Wit my electric blanket and fleecy pajamas on. Ahh the many days of a Kiwi 'Summer'

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  1. I'm glad to hear that you and the boys were able to get out and do some fun activities. A picnic sounds perfect for a day in the sun.

    Director of Blogger Relations