Monday, November 23, 2009

Blink and you'll miss it

So, a very small health update. One might say, blink and you'll miss it.

Over all since my MRI results my outlook on all things health related has improved immensely. Sure I still get frustrated when illness gets in the way of attending events I would LOVE to go to (Grrr, I wanted me some BBQ on Sunday C & A!), still feel a little down after a day spent in bed waiting for an episode of Tachycardia to pass knowing the alternative is the third worst hospital in our small country. Just when I forget the pain that comes with ovarian cysts I get one, but yeah overall things feel pretty good. I'm still looking for whatever autoimmune issue is going on, I'm still a little nervous as to whether my December echo will show continuing decline in heart function, but I also feel pretty tranquil.

In other news, we have become a foster home to some little sick kittens this week. The Cat Protection league is overflowing with homeless kittens at the moment, so we volunteered to take some in. The boys are learning kindness and gentleness towards our little baby cats. I get to feel like I have babies to look after again and Craig.... well Craig is just a very good man who has trouble saying no to me so he's along for the ride as well. We have the kittens for 2-4 weeks when they will be re homed. So not too long. You know - blink and you'd miss it!

Benji and James are both loving morning kindy and looking forward to starting school next year. Yes they already talk about it, we've chosen a school I'm really happy with and they will start preschool visits early next year. The school we have chosen is very different to where I thought the boys would go, but that's a whole 'nother post.

All this school talk just makes me realise how grown up my boys are getting. They play very nicely together on the whole now, use their words to sort things out more than their feet or fists, and overall seem to enjoy each others company more. You remember people telling you when you are holding your newborn(s), slightly sleep deprived but totally in love, to enjoy every minute of it as they grow so quickly. It's true.

Blink and you'd miss it.

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